This site is intended for all of those interested in the issues affecting residents of Memphis and the surrounding areas of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  There are a number of excellent resources out there for voters and advocates, however they are spread across a multitude of government sites, news sources, and the private pages of individuals and organizations seeking to create a better future for their community.  MidSouth Politics offers a place for you to connect to those resources and keep current on the issues that matter to you. 

We appreciate all information and support our users can provide. As the site moves forward, information on under-served areas as well as submissions of original articles will be accepted in order to improve to the site and offer an opportunity for readers to contribute to these ongoing conversations.

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Note: This is not a partisan site and is inspired by informational sites such as realclearpolitics and fivethirtyeight and seeks to promote stories from area sources and contributors regardless of affiliation. However, as is the case with those sites, the opinions and views of the authors and administrators will appear in articles published through the site. The current site editor is a member of the Shelby County Democratic Party. 


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