We won't take much credit for getting most of our predictions right on the county primaries.  Midsouthpol did not way in on the upset of Steve Basar, though we did think Charles Belenky would be competitive and he was game.  In fact we were surprised at the margins by which our conventional wisdom candidates carried the day.  Powerful wins for Lenoir and Ford led the field, but all the way down the line the familiar names prospered from Burgess to Fullilove.

The margins of victory raise a few questions for the fall.  Is there a Democratic wave and what does it look like? Will this be a fairly conventional election with Republicans less dominant but still powerful in countywide races?  How will Shelby County vote in statewide races?  All of these are not clear based on last week's results.

In the meantime, budget issues are taking center stage with both the Memphis city and Shelby county versions balancing infrastructure and soothing news for those concerned about taxes.  From our seat, as much enthusiasm as there may be, ambitious new projects like the Nashville transit plan and ambitious mavericks don't look to benefit - unless you're the WWE star Kane running for Knox county mayor.


This Week in MidSouth Politics